1. A place where your voice will be heard.
2. A compassionate and confidential atmosphere to discuss personal concerns.
3. Specialized therapeutic assistance psychological and emotional distress.
4. Educational counselling.
5. Personal-social counselling.
6. Vocational counselling.
7. Pre-marital counselling.
8. Leisure counselling.
9. Referral service.
10. Follow-up.
11. Online counselling.





The Students’ Guidance and Counselling Centre is committed to the psychological, academic, mental health and material well-being of the students. It is unflagging in its resolve to creating an environment that manumits the students from being prisoners of worries to persons of worth. It is committed to helping the students connect all the dots in their lives so as to maximize their sense of self worth.



To assist the students to achieve personal, emotional, psychological sanity, as well as academic well-being in a way that guarantees the students reaching their fullest potential. This the Centre does by providing all encompassing clinical/developmental counselling, preventing services and consultative relationship across board. Our highly professional staff are committed to creating a safe, inviting and assuring ambiance for all students.