We live in a world where on incremental basis we need to always have things in joint. Man is so delicately balanced between the rational and irrational. Maintaining this delicate balance is usually no mean effort. The chances of a layman succeeding to achieve this all by himself is increasingly tenuous. Hence experts are needed to aid those who cannot do this themselves to succeed. Like every other person, the students are faced with myriads of issues. When these issues are misunderstood or taken for granted, they could mar the entire career of such students. They may never be able to connect and reconnect the different dots in their lives which when properly connected could give a beautiful rainbow. At the Students’ Guidance and Counselling Centre, our objective is to take the seemingly useless pieces of clothes that the students are burdened with and turn them into beautiful coats of many colors which they ultimately will be proud of. We tell students with confidence that they are a mine of diamonds waiting to be trapped. We tell them that they are like the goldfish which is desired by all and sundry. We tell them it is in the nature of humans to have issues and that not having issues as human, is itself an issue asking for a radical reaction. We welcome all students to the Centre where the secret to sustainable connection to and with all that is value is revealed. Even the best students could be made better with every refreshing intercourse with the Centre. God bless our students, God bless University of Benin and God bless Nigeria.